TFS Snippet – Team Alerts

Just in case some of you aren’t aware of this functionality or for future reference if you’re responsible for looking after a project in TFS, here’s the steps to configure team alerts.

As always, everything is security driven. So if you don’t see the functionality and feel you should have access to it, please request that you be added to the relevant security groups.

Here’s the steps to get Alerts going:

1)    From the TFS Web Application (http://your_tfs_server/), follow the link to the “Administer Server” site

2013-06-05 10-59-10 PM

2)    Now select the relevant Project and navigate to its Administration Page.

2013-06-05 11-09-44 PM

3)    From the Project Administration Page, select the “Alerts” tab.

2013-06-05 11-13-40 PM

4)    This will show you the Configured Alerts for the Project Team and also for you as individual for the selected project.

2013-06-05 11-21-36 PM

5)    Since we want team members to get notifications, lets create some Team Alerts.

2013-06-18 09-57-30 PM

6)    The new Alert Form is displayed, so make relevant selection and create new alert.

2013-06-18 10-00-22 PM

7)    The next form allows you the opportunity to customize the alert if you so require.

2013-06-18 10-10-14 PM

8)    Make changes if needed and select Ok.

9)    Your Alert will now appear in the Team Alerts Page.

2013-06-18 10-13-14 PM

I think it will also be good to always at least have the 3 alerts configured as shown in the last screenshot.

1)    A change is made to a work item I created

This is about ownership, so If you create a task, best you follow its lifecycle to see it through to completion.

2)    A Change is made to a work item assigned to me

Someone else adds relevant information that can help me…

3)    A work item is assigned to me

I just got some more cool stuff to go and complete in record time…

So it’s only a few steps and the team members will be better informed of what’s expected of them.


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